Closing Costs Estimate

Buyers and Sellers pay different amounts for Closing Costs depending on negotiated deal points in the Purchase Agreement.  I can give you a ballpark range of costs based on a property you are interested in either buying or selling.  Please email me if you would like an estimate.

Below is an example of a Buyer purchasing a property for $1,000,000 putting 20% down ($200,000).

Report Prepared for: Lori Frankfort as Buyer
North Hollywood, CA 91602
Item Debit Buyer Credit Buyer
Sales Price $1,000,000.00
New Loan $800,000.00
Loan Origination Fees: (if paying a 1% fee to lender) $8,000.00
Down Payment $200,000.00
Property Taxes due from Buyer $0.00
Homeowners Association Fees (6/4/2012 to 7/1/2012) $0.00
Escrow Fee ($2,500.00 Split between Buyer & Seller) $1,250.00
Title Fee ($2,319.00 Paid by Seller) $0.00
Lender’s Policy Title Fee ($806.00 Paid by Buyer) $806.00
County Recording Fee (14 estimated pages) $23.00
Transfer Tax ($1,100.00 Paid by Seller) $0.00
Debit Subtotal $1,010,079.00
Credit Subtotal $1,000,000.00
Estimated Net Due at Closing $10,079.00
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